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Below are a variety of SQE books to guide you in the right direction when preparing for SQE exams.

The Law & Professional Practice (FLK1 & FLK2) bundle includes 15 SQE textbooks, specially assembled to concentrate on the Law component of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) syllabus for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE1). These books are structured to bring great depth to learning.

Regularly updated and published, these SQE preparation books aim to equip you effectively for the SQE1 exams. They deliver a thorough understanding of essential legal principles and rules and illustrate how these apply in practice with scenario-based examples reflecting realistic client issues.

Each textbook offers worked examples and sample assessment questions that help you evaluate your understanding through single best answer questions, crafted based on the SRA’s sample assessments.

For students at The University of Law, these manuals are part of a broader suite of SQE study materials and the University’s assessment bank, aiding preparation not only for the SQE1 exams but also for a professional legal career.

This series of SQE books is quite affordable, with many titles in the series available new for around £15.00. The content is explored in considerable detail, often organised into tables and highlighted boxes for crucial information. However, the primary emphasis of these books is on preparation tailored to the course, which students have reported to be particularly effective within this series.

Finally, we turn to a somewhat different textbook – a single book by Neeta Halai for Bloomsbury Professional. This book doesn’t concentrate on the exam content itself. Instead, it highlights those crucial aspects of studying that are often, unfortunately, overlooked. Sections include advice on how to best prepare for the SQE course, writing succinctly for legal exams, and practical tasks such as writing attendance notes and conducting legal research. If you’re aiming to cover all bases, this book could serve as a valuable addition to your other SQE study materials.

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