SQE Tutor Services by Brigitte's FLK Explained

SQE Tutor Services by Brigitte's FLK Explained

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Introduction to Brigitte's FLK Tutoring Services

Preparing for the SQE exams requires thorough understanding and dedicated preparation. Our SQE tutor services offers one-to-one support to help you towards sitting for the SQE1 and SQE2 exams. Aspiring solicitors in England and Wales must demonstrate strong functioning legal knowledge (“FLK”) to pass the SQE. Our tutors focus on helping you progress in line with the SQE specification and exam requirements.

How the Tutoring is Tailored for the SQE Exam

Our private tuition covers the specific syllabus for the SQE1 and SQE2 exams, ensuring that SQE candidates are well-prepared for both multiple-choice questions and practical assessments. By focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects, we equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel. Each session is tailored to address the unique needs of each candidate, ensuring personalised and effective learning.

Benefits of Using a SQE Tutor for Exam Preparation

Engaging with a experienced SQE tutor enhances understanding, tailors revision to your personal learning style, and can significantly improve your chances of passing the SQE1 and SQE2. Our tutors are adept at breaking down complex legal concepts into manageable lessons, making your study and revision sessions more productive, individualised and less stressful. With a dedicated law tutor, you receive targeted instruction and feedback, which is invaluable in refining your exam techniques and boosting your confidence.

The Expertise of Brigitte's FLK Tutors

Qualifications and Experience of the Tutors

Our law tutors for SQE include not only qualified solicitors but also experienced educators who have mastered the intricacies of the SQE. Their extensive background in both law practice and education ensures that they can provide you with practical insights and effective teaching methods.

Knowledge of the SQE Exam Content

Each tutor has a deep understanding of the SQE exams’ structure and content, from contract law to criminal litigation. Their exam-ready knowledge ensures that you are studying the most relevant and up-to-date material, giving you an extra edge in the examination.

SQE Tutoring Topics Covered:

SQE 1 - FLK1 Topics

For SQE1 – FLK1, our sessions cover: 

  • Business Law and practice
  • Constitutional and administrative law, and retained EU law
  • Contract
  • Dispute resolution
  • Legal services
  • The legal system of England and Wales
  • Tort Law

SQE 1 - FLK2 Topics

For SQE1 – FLK2, our sessions cover:

  • Criminal law
  • Criminal litigation
  • Land law
  • Property practice
  • Solicitors accounts
  • Trusts
  • Wills and the administration of estates

SQE 1 - Pervasive Topics

For SQE1 – Pervasive topics, our sessions cover:

  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Taxation

SQE2 Topics

For SQE2 – (Skills Testing), our sessions cover:

  • Advocacy (oral)
  • Case and matter analysis (written)
  • Client interviewing and completion of an attendance note/legal analysis (oral)
  • Legal drafting (written)
  • Legal research (written)
  • Legal writing (written)

For SQE2 – (Practice Area Testing), our sessions cover:

  • Business law
  • Criminal practice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Property practice
  • Wills and intestacy, probate administration and practice

Success Stories of Past Students

Many of our students have not only passed the SQE but have excelled, moving on to promising careers in Magic Circle and Silver Circle firms, legal aid firms, and law clinics etc. Our success stories highlight the effectiveness of our tailored approach and the dedication of our tutors in helping students achieve their legal academic goals and objectives.

How the Tutoring Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

Students who begin their SQE preparation and revision early with us benefit significantly from our paced learning methods. By spreading the study material over a longer period, they can absorb complex legal concepts more thoroughly and effectively.

Early starters experience reduced stress levels as they avoid the pressure of cramming closer to exam dates. This approach allows for more in-depth understanding, consistent practice, and timely feedback, all contributing to a stronger performance in the SQE exams.

It is made known to us that those students who start early as possible with us often feel much more confident and relaxed, yet focused, in their SQE preparation journey.

How SQE Tutoring By Brigitte's FLK Will Help You Pass the SQE Exam

Personalised Study Plan Tailored to Your Strengths and Weaknesses

We develop custom study plans that address your specific needs and individual circumstances, maximising efficiency as well as  effectiveness in your study sessions. This personalised approach ensures that you focus on areas where you need the most improvement while also reinforcing your strengths.

Our study plans take into account your learning style, schedule, and goals, allowing for a tailored approach that works best for you. By identifying specific goals and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks, we help you stay on track and motivated throughout your studies.

Additionally, we incorporate various study techniques and resources to enhance your understanding and retention of material. This may include practice exercises, review sessions, mnemonics, and more. We adapt these techniques to suit your individual needs and preferences, making your study experience both engaging and effective.

By following our custom study plan, you can optimise your study time and make the most of your efforts. Our goal is to help you achieve your academic goals and succeed in your professional pursuits. 

An Evergreen Approach to SQE Revision

At Brigitte’s FLK, we maintain an evergreen approach to SQE revision and preparation, meaning our methods and materials are always current and relevant. We continually update our study resources to reflect the latest changes in legal practices and exam requirements. This ensures that our students are learning with the most accurate and effective information available. Our commitment to staying updated helps you prepare confidently, knowing you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the SQE exams.

Practice Exams and Feedback to Improve Exam Skills

Our rigorous practice exam training including multiple choice questions for the course and detailed feedback sessions help refine your approach and improve your exam skills, essential for passing the SQE. By drawing from the exam environment and providing constructive feedback, we help you build confidence and improve your performance.

Guidance on Exam Strategy and Time Management

Our tutors provide guidance on managing your preparations and revision time effectively during the exam period and forward planning to maximise your scores. Effective time management and exam strategies are vital for success, and our tutors will guide you through these critical aspects.

Additional Support and Resources Provided by Brigitte's FLK

Our tutors provide guidance on managing your preparations and revision time effectively during the exam period and forward planning to maximise your scores. Effective time management and exam strategies are vital for success, and our tutors will guide you through these critical aspects.

Access to Study Materials and Resources

Our student will have access to a wealth of resources, including up-to-date SQE notes and materials that reflect the SQE syllabus. These resources are designed to supplement your learning and provide a comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

Support and Communication with Tutors

Our commitment extends beyond just tuition sessions; we offer support and open lines of communication with your tutors. This continuous support ensures that you are never alone in your preparation journey, providing you with the guidance you need at every step.

Tips for Staying Motivated and Focused During Exam Preparation

We provide motivational guidance and strategies to keep you focused and driven throughout your preparation journey.

Staying motivated is key to effective studying, and our tutors will share techniques to help you stay on track and maintain your enthusiasm. This may include help with: 

  • Setting clear goals: Such as, helping you to define what you want to achieve in your SQE journey and breaking it down into smaller, manageable tasks. 
  • Staying organised: Helping you to create a study schedule or plan to help you stay on track with your SQE preparation. 
  • Staying positive: Focus on your progress and celebrating small victories along the way with your SQE prep.
  • Staying focused and on-track: Introducing tools like time-blocking to maintain concentration and productivity.

Benefits of Choosing Brigitte's FLK for SQE Preparation

  • Exam Ready Tutors: Our tutors are themselves SQE exam ready with extensive experience in both law practice and education.
  • Personalised Study Plans: Tailored to each student’s unique needs and strengths for effective learning.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Detailed focus on both SQE1 and SQE2 topics, covering practical and theoretical aspects.
  • Rigorous Practice Exams: Simulate the exam environment and provide detailed feedback.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous motivation and guidance throughout your preparation journey.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Sessions available to fit your timetable, whether in London or online.
  • Proven Success: Many students progress to prestigious Magic Circle, Silver Circle firms, legal aid firms, and law clinics.


Recap of the Benefits of Using SQE Tutoring By Brigitte's FLK

Choosing Brigitte’s FLK for SQE tuition ensures you receive personalised, considerate tutoring designed to help you pass the SQE exams. Our comprehensive approach, dedicated tutors, and study planning techniques make us the ideal choice for aspiring solicitors.

Take the Next Step Towards Passing the SQE Exams 

If you’re aiming to qualify as a solicitor, the next step is clear: join us at Brigitte’s FLK and make your aspiration a reality.

Don’t struggle in silence—reach out today for law tutors London and online. Contact us to find out how we can help you on your journey to becoming a solicitor in England and Wales.

To book private SQE tuition click here.

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